AWS Basic Crash Course



OCTOBER, 12, 2023

In breif

  • Introduction to the Podcast Episode**

  • Key Technologies Discussed

  • Insights from the Guest Speaker

  • Real-world Applications

  • Audience Questions and Responses

  • Conclusion and Looking Forward**

Where should we begin?

There’s always something sitting between people and the world around them. Whether it’s a tool, a story, a brand, or a person, external factors influence what they think, how they interact, and the way they feel as they move through life.

These trends explore the evolution of these factors—because it’s putting society into a state of flux. People are now deconstructing everything as they try to figure out who they are in the world.

New intelligence layers are emerging in digital interactions, while people are examining the consequences of past experiences. The harmony between people, technology and business is showing tensions.

Accenture Life Trends identify and explore the various factors we expect will change the way people experience and interact with brands, organizations, governments and systems in the coming year and beyond.

So… where should we begin?

Without profitability, organizations won’t survive long. Businesses scrambling to protect profits against a strained economic backdrop have made tough decisions, with one major consequence: the erosion of customer experiences.

Quality or size reductions (shrinkflation), declines in service (skimpflation), customer service shortcomings, and unwelcome subscriptions are adding up to a sense that brands are quietly reversing their promises. At the center of this trend is a critical perception problem: where companies see actions for survival, some customers see greed.

Both brands and customers are having to reduce costs. If brands keep going down this road, people will only get more frustrated, and long-term prospects will take a hit. Loyalty suffers when finances are tight, leaving price and value as the most influential factors in buying decisions. There’s also a new risk lurking: the flip side of the concept of liquid expectations, “liquid suspicions” describes the idea that when customers are let down by one brand, they’ll be wary of all others.

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