IT Basic Crash Course

AWS Basic Crash Course Home BLOG POST 5 MIN READ OCTOBER, 12, 2023 In breif Introduction to the Podcast Episode** Key Technologies Discussed Insights from the Guest Speaker Real-world Applications Audience Questions and Responses Conclusion and Looking Forward** Full Report Where should we begin? There’s always something sitting between people and the world around them. …

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Application Transformation

Application Transformation Home 5 MIN READ How application transformation unlocks cloud value at mrfranklins Inc. THE KEYS TO DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: GETTING THE SUCCESS FACTORS RIGHT In brief Under pressure to reinvent their businesses, companies are responding by increasing investment in migration to cloud platforms. The accelerated dash to cloud has created a cloud value gap—businesses …

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Women in Technology

Women in Technology Home 5 MIN READ “Tech” is synonymous with opportunity. When women work and lead in tech, they capture—and contribute—their share of that potential. Empowering Women in Technology: Breaking Barriers, Shaping the Future. In the dynamic landscape of technology, women have long been underrepresented, yet their contributions have been instrumental in shaping the …

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Strategy at the Pace of Technology

Strategy at the pace of technology Home 5 MIN READ Measure success beyond financial results In brief Organizations (including mrfranklins Inc.) are constantly reinventing themselves to keep up with shifting market conditions, competition, and customer preferences. Or they may launch change programs to adopt new technologies and ways of working. The changes often involve removing …

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Podcast Home BLOG POST 5 MIN LISTEN Talent As a talent-led organization, we invest in our people and support them with care, compassion, and continuous opportunities to learn, grow their skills, and advance their careers.​ Inclusion & Diversity Inclusion and diversity are embedded in everything we do and are key enablers of our business results. …

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